Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioners


BTR practitioners use a range of therapeutic techniques and tools to help individuals work through and process their birth trauma. These may include talking therapy,  mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and other trauma-informed approaches. They may also provide practical support and guidance on accessing medical and legal services, as well as referrals to other healthcare professionals as needed.

BTR practitioners work collaboratively with their clients to create a safe and supportive environment for healing and recovery. They aim to empower individuals to understand their experiences, manage their symptoms, and develop strategies for coping with the ongoing effects of birth trauma.

It's important to note that birth trauma is a complex and multifaceted issue, and not all individuals who experience a difficult birth will develop PTSD or require specialist support. However, for those who do, BTR practitioners can play a vital role in helping them to move forward and reclaim their lives.

BTR practitioners come from diverse professional backgrounds, but all have a common interest in perinatal mental health and supporting individuals who have experienced birth trauma. The year-long  postgraduate training programme they undertake is specifically designed to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise and alleviate the symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD. This training is rigorous and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics such as trauma-informed care, attachment theory, perinatal mental health, and therapeutic techniques for treating birth trauma. By completing this training, BTR practitioners are well-prepared to provide expert support and care to individuals who have experienced birth-related trauma.



Birth Trauma Resolution is


  • Designed to offer quick and effective relief from the debliltating symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD.
  • Your practitioner will help you turn a trauma memory into an ordinary memory in as few as two sessions leaving you able to move forward.
  • Can be used to treat any birth related trauma including miscarraige and infant loss.
  • Suitable for partners and birth workers suffering from vicarious trauma



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